Sponsorship Opportunities

● Security BSides Cayman Islands is the first annually recurring Security BSides event in the Cayman Islands, and the Caribbean.

● Security BSides Cayman Islands is an internationally recognised event framework and community that has been used in over 700 events worldwide.

● Security BSides Cayman Islands is a non-profit event.

● As a sponsor you will help support the community and rub elbows with well-known expert speakers, IT influencers and decision makers, based both in the Cayman Islands and from overseas.

● Security BSides Cayman is unique opportunity for Sponsors to reach an audience locally in the Cayman Islands, and internationally through the in-person and virtual event.

What’s included – Diamond, Platinum and Gold Sponsors

● Tickets to the in-person event

● Event booth with a table, chairs and space for banners

● Hybrid Event Platform – Ability to post branding, jobs and video

● Hybrrd Event Platform – Attendee meeting requests and virtual rooms

We have a number of sponsorship opportunities available at several levels. We’re also interested in exploring any ideas you may have about participating in BSides Cayman.

You can learn more about our sponsorship opportunities below:

Email sponsors@bsides.ky to start the conversation.


Due to the nature of the event, certain restrictions are in place to ensure the recognition of Security BSides Cayman Islands as a prestigious and trustworthy conference by the InfoSec community.

● Attendee names, phone numbers, email addresses (personal or company), and general details provided for registration purposes will not be shared with the Sponsors (before or after the event). Security BSides Cayman Islands has a strict policy on respecting the privacy of attendees.

● Companies or sponsors should not be represented by sales staff only. Those organisations must be represented by security architects, system engineers or people of relevant status (e.g. executives) and/or techies in order to interact with the participants throughout the event (learning curves, discussions on various matters of security, security tools, security concerns, technical considerations, hands-on security assessments).

● Sponsors are allowed to hand out marketing/promotional material during the event (pass them around or have them at their table) and they may ask attendees for their contact details.