Security BSides focuses on expanding the spectrum of conversation around Information Security, granting a voice to anyone who is, or aims to be, involved in all domains of cyber security.

BSides is a non-profit organisation with the goal of fostering a close-knit community of professionals and students alike.

Focused on providing a direct connection between speakers and the audience, BSides is a framework for events that encourage participation and provide an unparalleled networking opportunity.

The goal of security BSides Cayman Islands is bring opportunities to the on-island security community, achieved by:

  • Meeting and interacting with industry leaders in their field
  • Meeting with potential employers
  • Growing careers of current and future security professionals by participating in training, workshops, and capture the flag events
  • Providing local talent opportunities to present, lead workshops, offer training to both local and overseas participants
  • Freely discuss topics, share their personal opinions, and initiate discussions beyond corporate brands and sales pitches.

Security BSides Cayman Islands 2024

Building on the success of our 2022 and 2023 events, Security BSides Cayman Islands 2024 will be a three day event. Including:

  • 3-Day event with dedicated tracks (Technical and CxO / Policy / GRC / DPL)
  • Dedicated workshop day for training sessions

Not for profit

The goal of BSides Cayman is to build the Cybersecurity community in the Cayman Islands. We aim to give away as many tickets as possible to job seekers, students or individuals trying to break into the industry.

Every dollar of sponsorship money, ticket sales, and merch sales goes back into the event.


Learn something from your peers and contribute to the conversation.


Meet like minded people, grow your network and meet prospective employers.


Help your community! Share, learn and mentor.